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Welcome to
Lawyer for Travelers
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Welcome to Lawyer for Travelers in Trouble (LTT)!!
LTT provides legal consultation services for travelers from foreign countries to Japan. If you get involved in a trouble such as traffic accident, personal injury, criminal issue, or consumer issue, please contact us. We will search a lawyer for you and the lawyer provides you legal advices.

LTT contribute to SDGs

ustainable Development Goals
Reduce inequality within and among countries.
LTT contribute to SDGs Goal 10 through providing legal services for international travelers with legal issues in various aspects. In doing so, we aim for your fundamental human rights to be protected equally.
Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.
To achieve SDGs Goal 16, LTT endeavor to establish impartial justice through providing legal services for international travelers to Japan.

Case of Issues

Car Accident, Personal Injury

If you get involved in a car accident or some tort, you can consult and hire a lawyer representing you to be compensated. It is difficult for overseas visitors to Japan to be compensated, so we suggetest you hire a local Japanese lawyer. Please contact us.

Criminal Trouble

If you get caught up in some criminal cases or arrested, first of all, you should ask the Embassy of your country for help. Your Embassy staff should be able to help you communicate with your family members and build solution plans, and also provide you with the information about local lawyers and interpreters.

Consumer Issue

If you encounter a consumer issue (such as purchase of merchandise, restaurants and bars, hotels or dormitories, public transportations, etc.), you can get advice to change the situation for the better from the legal perspective. National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan offers the consumer hotline for tourists.


If you experienced other troubles in Japan, please feel free to contact us. We can give you advice about what to do next.

Got a legal problem?LTT will help you !!

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Name NANBA Yasuaki
Bars and Courts Osaka Bar Association / Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Education JD,Kyoto University, Law Faculty LLB, Osaka University
Language Japanese, English (non-native speaker)
Location MF Minamimorimachi building 11F,2-3-8,Tenjin-bashi,Kita
district,Osaka city,Osaka pref.
Consultation Fee 1 hour free (Extra charge: 5,000yen for 1 hour)
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